Facebook Influences Linkedin Facelift


Jeff Weir's Linkedin Homepage

Jeff Weir's Facebook Homepage

Something looks surprisingly familiar here?

Social networking site Facebook appears to have had strong influence on the new Linkedin homepage. The new left sidebar and tabs along the top of the window are a reflection of the popular Facebook UI without all of the nonsense non-business clutter common to many most Facebook pages.

One update to the site is “status” messages to indicate current activity, similar to that found in Facebook. However, in an effort remain business-like, you can only set your status to “(Your name) is working on…,” “will be traveling to,” “is looking for advice on,” “is looking for a job,” or “is reading.” These restrictions are designed to be informative without being whimsical.Linkedin's new What Are You Working On feature

Another welcomed addition are the customizable “modules” that gather information from your networks of contacts. There’s an “Answers” module to show what questions have been asked recently by your contacts, a “People” module to offer potential new contacts, and a “Jobs” module to show what opportunities are available in your network.New Linkedin Personalized Modules

Finally, to view the official Linkedin presentation of these new features, click on over to the Linkedin Blog.