Influencing Prospects, Clients, and Referral Partners


The six sources of influence: motivation, training and skill building, positive peer pressure, the influence of managers and coaches, incentives, and tapping into the power of physical space and environment.

I came upon this fragment of information as I was poking around in some files on my computer.  Copied the list from who-knows-where?  It’s an important list.

Every day we try to influence people for one reason or another: to perform a task, buy from us, give us business referrals, follow us on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and the list goes on.  In trying to develop a referral based business, influencing potential referrals partners is essential.

The sales process is all about influence.  Trying to get the attention of our audience starts the influence cycle.  How do we do that?  A starting point is to understand what motivates your target prospect, your “market.”  What need do you satisfy?  What benefit do you bring?  We must understand what Motivates our Market, M2 and M1 of the 5 M’s.

Likewise, in order to get referrals, we must understand how a referral partner might benefit from a relationship with us.  Learn what would motivate them to actively promote you and you’re on your way.  

I like this list because it mirrors the referral development process we follow in Certified Networker.  So how does training and skill building fit in?