What, More On Social Media?

These days it’s hard to go for long without hearing about social media. Weather Channel is Tweeting, athletes are tweeting and Facebooking, politicians are tweeting, alerts and updates popping up on the computer. It’s all fun and interesting but left unmanaged, can become a black hole that eats up large chunks of valuable time. So, from a business perspective, how much is enough and which media are the right ones? Of course, the answer to that is, “It depends.”
We network to meet other sales professionals and expand and deepen our referral relationships. However, another valuable aspect of your network is that of providing support and information. Most of us are fortunate to meet regularly with a number of experts, some of them in the area of social media and internet marketing and support. So if you have questions about what you should be doing in the world of real time marketing (to quote a favorite source, David Meerman Scott) you may find some answers right there in the room with you. How about Jeff Sheehan, Donna Lang, Danny or Sarah from Yepser, or Stan Schnitzer, PR consultant? Or Carol Shepherd, Eric Flamm, Erik Seifert, or Doug Wheeler to help sort out the technology to plug you into the cyber world? Or Betsy Rhame-Minor or Michelle Hutchinson, or Stan Schnitzer to help you craft that that social media message? If you are interested in learning about how social media might fit into your marketing, you might want to spend a few minutes with Dan Greenfield and ask him about the Social Media Makeover on 8 November. Looks like a good place to start. http://bit.ly/rsFNWZ
Make good use of the great resources you are already connected to. If you look around you, you will find an abundance of talent that can help you with building your business. Social media is only one of the areas represented by some real pros you already know. Have a conversation with the; broaden and deepen your referral relationships. Lend your expertise to them, and in the process, expand your information network, as well.

2 thoughts on “What, More On Social Media?

  1. Tom Doiron

    Hey Emile,
    In specialized areas of knowledge; we often don’t know exactly what to ask because we don’t know what we don’t know. I heard my daughter say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” and I laughed. Baby steps still keep you moving forward and don’t get us so easily overwhelmed. I remember when I first got started with facebook and was amazed how many contacts some folks had. I am closing in on 300 contacts and I have been very particular about adding people. I must have a direct connection to add them as a “friend”. Yes, that is a long way from the 5000 max, but substantial for me. It’s a cinch by the inch.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

    1. Emile Paradis Post author

      300! Wow! I think I have 84. Think of the power and value of those connections. Without tools like Facebook, staying in touch and interacting with 300 folks would be a chore. Instead, it’s fun.

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