Who’s Promoting Who?


Received this “endorsement” a while back on Merchant’s Circle:

Review Atlantis Educational Initiatives Gladly Endorses Referral Institute Atlanta


 (5 stars)


“Atlantis Educational Initiatives would like to thank Referral Institute Atlanta for supporting our foundation by listing us as a referral and networking partner on Merchant Circle. We are trying very hard to improve education for our children, won’t you please visit our site at atlantiseducationalinitiatives.org to learn how we are doing this. We need your support so if you would like to endorse, contribute or volunteer, please let us know. Thanks again. The Team at Atlantis Educational Initiatives Atlantis Initiatives, Inc. All Correspondence Should Be Sent To: Professor Paul Tynegate Piehler – Director paul@atlantiseducationalinitiatives.org 174 Turnberry Circle New Smyrna Beach, FL, 32168 Phone: (386) 426-6898”


Atlantis Educational Initiatives of New Smyrna Beach, FL on March 11, 2011

So I’ll ask again, “Who’s promoting who?” 

I don’t even know where to start with this.  While this is a very clever way to communicate with me and create visibility, the truth of the matter is that this is nothing about me and my business and everything about them.  That’s not an endorsement.  This is using me (and my credibility) as a platform for a solicitation for their organization. 

I am on Merchant Circle mainly out of curiosity and as a way to stay informed about various “real time marketing” tools so I can better advise my clients.  My observation about Merchant Circle is that most of their members could use a good dose of Referral Institute.  While the object of the network is, rightly, to promote your business, I have witnessed more obnoxious self-promotion on this site than on any other.  As soon as I accept a connection from someone, I immediately become a prospect.  Let the selling begin!

Maybe I’m out of touch with the culture of this on-line community.  Probably, because it seems to be a culture of hard-core, make ‘em an offer, cold calling, close ‘em, and do it quick.  This certainly isn’t about building relationships and a business community that offers value or mutual support.  I suppose I’d be doing the membership a favor if I connected with as many as possible and then spammed them with an offer to enroll in Certified Networker and 6 months of coaching.        

Endorsements and testimonials are a powerful way you can help a business and are valuable in attracting new customers.  It’s just better when they are about someone other than YOU! 

By the way, I thought about deleting the organization’s name and any identifying information but decided I’d leave it in.  They’d probably like the additional exposure. 



2 thoughts on “Who’s Promoting Who?

  1. Tom Doiron

    Hello My Friend, Emile!

    Wow! I was thinking that maybe it was just the nonprofit, but you say Merchant Circle is heavy with this kind of self promotion.

    I have always understood junk mail. It comes, I look , I toss. But this spamming thing has become such a nasty word. The only difference I see is green…no paper involved, just digital. We have certain accepted norms in our culture and society. For example we know which side of the road to drive down. Imagine the chaos if this rule were not adhered to?

    But the spam thing. My email in box gets many each day. The longer you hold an email, the more abundant it becomes. Admittedly I signed up for some, but don’t remember when. So I just delete, delete, and delete. Once in awhile, I even attempt to unsubscribe to some. My systems respect that, but obviously some others out there don’t.

    Your wonderful endorsement included, “All Correspondence Should Be Sent To: Professor Paul Tynegate Piehler – Director ”

    Perhaps an email or even a letter to the good Professor might appease you. It might cost you another endorsement though! LOL

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,

    Tom Doiron

  2. Emile Paradis Post author

    Thanks for the comment. So many people stay in transmit and pass up many great chances to endorse and promote people in their networks. Endorsements are wampum in the referral bank account. Stay well, Old Man.

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