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Working Your Booth At Festivals


Unlike your typical biz expo, most attendees at a festival will have their kids and spouses along. They are not always looking to buy, they won’t bring much cash, and they won’t be thinking of this as a networking event. They may not have their checkbooks, and they may be reluctant to give you their credit card unless you have fancy equipment with you to capture their data. In addition, you may not have electricity to run a computer or any other equipment that you wish to bring along. You will most likely not even have a wall or table provided. You will probably have only a space, and it’s often on concrete in the sun. What’s a SOHO to do?

What if I told you that for $50 to $100, you could put yourself in front of 10 to 20 thousand folks? Would you be interested then? That’s right. Festivals give you a great deal of exposure for a low fee. The trick is to give people a reason to stop and something to take with them.

Here are some tips:

  1. Provide a freebie they will need or want. Depending on the event, they may have purchased a few small items before they get to you. If you think that will be the case, free tote bags – even plastic ones – could be a good practical giveaway.
  2. How about a fun something to do? If your business is kid oriented, you could do face painting. If you sell golf clubs, you could have a putting green. — The longer they pause, the more you can say.
  3. Use signs promoting the giveaway or fun thing in addition to your signs promoting your biz.
  4. Do have brochures to send with them. They will be able to look more closely later.
  5. Do have products to sell or samples for them to take with them.
  6. Do assemble a team to help.

How do you get them to stop? Stand in the street and greet them. If need be, wave before they get to you. Offer to shake their hand. Smile. Speak loudly. Ask them a question or offer them something. Example: “Good Morning!! I can see you’ve got your arms full! (As you motion toward yourself say…) Come on over and let me give you a bag for all that.”

Even if they do not need your product or service at the moment, some of them will remember you. I have run into folks months later that said to me, “weren’t you at . . . ?” Depending on the freebie, and the events you attend, and how often – some folks will even be looking for you!

Have fun!