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Earning Favors


Sent by SunTrust Banker and Certfied Networker Jan Snyder:

“ Don’t wait for, expect, or rely on favors.

Count on earning them
by hard work and perseverance. ”

Marian Wright Edelman (1939 – )
American activist
founder of the Children’s Defense Fund

So what’s hard work and perseverance got to do with getting referrals? I thought this referral networking stuff was supposed to be fun. Well, I think this quote summarizes word-of-mouth marketing and referral development pretty well. And it is another way of saying what Dr. Ivan Misner says about networking: “It’s not net-sit, or net-eat. It’s network.”

I often say that referrals shouldn’t be a happy surprise. Rather, they should be a predictable part of your business plan that can be depended on to help you achieve you business goals. The only way for that to happen is to have purposeful, planned activities that produce referral results. So having a plan and working it are necessary to being successful in the world of WOM.

And one of the really nice parts about developing business through building strong business relationships is the idea of reciprocity. To me, the first line of the quote says that everything I do may not directly come back to be in the way of a referral or new business. However, it will come back to me somehow. It also provokes the thought that we shouldn’t wait before we do something for someone. Don’t wait for the other guy to go first. Start finding ways to help others and see what happens.

Of late, I’ve been trying to pick up the pace with my relationship building activities. Consistently applying the 18 Tactics easily becomes a habit that produces results.  These 18 Tactics are deposits with those who matter and may earn us to those favors that will make the difference in our our business.